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Maples Academy

Muzaffarnagar Road, Deoband, Dist. Saharanpur (U.P.)
Email : maplesdbd01@gmail.com, maplesdbd@yahoo.com
Mobile : 9690007093, 94, 95,96, 97, 99
4th July 2019

Computer Lab

Information Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. At our School we have reposed its importance by having computer labs in the junior and senior wing of the School. The junior computer lab and the Bill Gates Sr. Computer Lab have a total number of 30 systems each.

Students are provided with computer education right from the lower primary level. Our computer lab is well equipped with the latest high end systems and internet facility. Students are taught software like Java, C++, Logo, MS-Office etc. It maintains an ideal student-machine ratio of 1:1.