Request To Parents

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  1. The Parents are advised to attend all the PTMs held in the school to know the progress of their wards and give their valuable suggestions for further improvements.
  2. Keep in constant touch with the class teacher/sub. teachers, do not hesitate to discuss about child’s issues; do not miss PTMs; both the parents should attend all the PTMs.
  3. Maximum Co-operation between parents and school authorities is desired to ensure the best performance and progress of child.
  4. Parents should ensure that their wards attend school regularly. Discourage your child for frequent absence and undue prolonged leave.
  5. Absence of your child from school for mere social functions or undue reasons is not recommended, because if retards progress of child in Academics.
  6. Students are not allowed to go home during school hours. Parents are requested to ensure that no social engagements or medical appointments are fixed during working hours. Parents are earnestly requested not to send their wards to the school on the day when their wards require short leave.
  7. Leave for half a day should be avoided as far as possible for security reasons. In an emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal and inform the class teacher. In such cases the parent should come to pick up the child from the school.
  8. Parents are requested to see that their children are punctual to school and they are neatly and properly dressed.
  9. The ID card must be worn every day including the school picnic/ excursions/ cultural programme’s rehearsal days. The child’s dress and appearance reflect its home and parents.
  10. Parents are requested to bear in mind that the school plays a great role in building sound character of the pupils. Therefore, you are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by making your child understand the importance of well disciplined life in all walks of life.
  11. Parents are requested not to visit the teachers during the school hours or at their residence. All school matters will be executed through the school office.
  12. Parents must refrain from giving gifts to teachers on any occasion.
  13. Change in Address, Phone Numbers or Email I.D. of parents/guardians must be intimated to the School in writing without delay. The School will not be responsible for non-receipt of any communication.
  14. As your child grows, guide him/her to become a multi skilled, responsible, confident and versatile member of home, school and country. Encourage self help for work and study. He/she should be taught to do some house hold work. The formation of such habit early in life inculcates ideals of dignity of work and sense of responsibility.
  15. Teach your child good eating habits and toilet habits.
  16. Give your child proper healthy and nutritious food in his/ her tiffin
  17. No money should be given to the child.
  18. Parents are advised to abstain from criticizing the School Authorities or the School fraternity in the presence of their wards. Students must be taught and encouraged to respect their teachers and elders.RECOMMENDATION
  19. Any Student desiring to be exempted from PT/Games, must produce a medical certificate to this effect from a competent authority.
  20. Children, when sick with communicable disease must not be sent to school to avoid infection.
  21. Parents are requested to sign all the documents sent by the school and to return them the next day.
  22. At least two days notice should be given to obtain any certificate or document (except T.C.) from the school. Forms for attestations must be brought to the school only after 2 p.m. on any working day.
  23. It is suggested to the parents to discourage their wards from driving any vehicle if they are below sixteen years of age.
  24. Make sure that the child is picked up promptly after the school.
  25. On picnic days, it is must to send the marked water-bottle and the tiffin box.
  26. Since the children in kindergarten belong to a tender age which is most sensitive and important in their formation for life; it becomes imperative for the parents to closely associate and co-operative with the teachers. Spend some time daily with your child talking about the day schedule in the school. Pay attention to what the child is trying to express.
  27. Parents are requested to send one set of dress and two bloomers of their child with name tags, in his/her school bag for students of Pre-Nursery and Nursery.
  28. Parents are requested not to enter classrooms either to see their children or to seek interactions with the teachers during school hours.
  29. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their ward’s progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in their academic work. They should check the school bag and diary everyday and note the homework and any other instructions given. You are advised to check the bags of your wards to see for Notice or invitation etc.
  30. Parents are requested to manage the bag of their ward daily according to the timetable. They have to send them with proper stationery box/ craft kit etc.
  31. Give your child a marked water-bottle, tiffin-box, a clean cloth napkin, a hand kerchief and a school bag that he/she can operate on his/her own.
  32. Parents are requested to choose the Saturday Activity for their ward (classes I to VIII) prudently. Activity, once opted will remain the same in the existing session as well as in the coming sessions.
  33. It is suggested to the parents to send all required material related to Saturday Activity to the school on every Saturday.
  34. If you make any kind of request regarding any issue at the time of admission / during session, it would be onsidered only for the same session. If you want to be entertained for the same request further, then you have to put forward your request letter again in the forthcoming session.