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Dear Parents,

You are always welcome to see me during school hours (11.00 a.m.- 1.30 p.m.) regarding your ward’s performance or any doubt/query/suggestion. Although to meet this way is manageable yet it would be very-very convenient and easy for you if you kindly give a prior information on school’s phone numbers. : 9690007093, 9690007094.

If you take an appointment to meet the Principal it will be very advantageous to the school as well as for you.

We will be able to arrange all the documents properly in advance which would be required to discuss detailed case study of your ward. It will save ours as well as your precious time and you won’t have to wait any longer and it will be good to the school also as the school functioning will go on quite smoothly without any hindrance.

As you know the school hours are limited and various types of activities keep going and visitors keep on coming to school, so at times it becomes too difficult to adjust some one within tight and busy schedule and if somehow, it is done, the interaction outcomes would not be very fruitful. Therefore you are requested to take a prior appointment before meeting the undersigned.