Firstly we would say that Karate is not just another school activity for children. Whilst we feel that activities such as football, cricket and horse riding for example are all great fun for children to be involved with and certainly should be tried and tested, Karate is all about a child’s personal development through the physical discipline of Karate.

Our exciting, yet structured and disciplined classes, teach children how to focus their attention which improves their ability to learn. We have found that learning builds a real sense of accomplishment in children and with each new accomplishment a child’s self-confidence will grow.

Once we begin to build a child’s confidence we are then able to instil the values of respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity that are the foundations of the martial arts dating back thousands of years. Our children’s karate programme is designed for primary school aged children from six years to thirteen years inclusive and the curriculum has been built around good, strong foundations in technique along with positive life skills development.

The programme works hand in hand with a child’s schoolwork, improving self-discipline, focus, mental alertness, self-confidence and learning to set and achieve attainable goals. Karate coach of Maples is a renowned personality in the field of Martial arts in this region




  1. Holder of 5 DAN Black belt from Japan.
  2. Holder of SAN-DAN (3) Black belt.
  3. Completed the Judge course in 1994 from Madras.
  4. Gyan Bharti Prize in 1994 for Karate Training and Social Service by Mr. N.D. Tiwari.
  5. As a Judge in the First International Karate Tournament for children in 1994.
  6. Certificate for Co-Operation during Distt. Exhibition., MZN by City Magistrate in 1995.
  7. Achieved grade N I (two) from Nippon Karate Do Shitorvu in 1996.
  8. Completed Referee Course at Talkatora Stadium, in Martial Art Championship in 1997. Delhi.
  9. Trainer for P.A.C., Allahabad in 1998.
  10. Certificate for Karate Demonstration by D.M. of MZN in 1998.
  11. Award for Karate Action Show by D.M. MZN in 1999.
  12. Completed Kansa Suchin Fekushin course (AIKE) All India Karate Championship, Ajmer, Rajasthan in 2000-.
  13. Certificate for Co-operation and dedication by D.M. MZN in 2001.
  14. Holder of SAN-DAN, Mumbai in 2002.
  15. Participated in the 18th Maharastra Karate Championship in 2003.
  16. All India Shito-Ryo Karate Championship 2004-Got III position (Bronze Medal in 80 kg.)
  17. As an official in IInd All India Independence Championship held in Delhi in 2006.
  18. Certificate of official Dan grade in 2006 by All India Karate Federation held at Bangalore.
  19. Official in 9th Senior Beach National Volleyball Championship in 2006.
  20. National Shotokan Karate championship in 2006 (as an official)
  21. Yon-Dan in 2008.
  22. Participated in Combined Annual Training Camp of N.C.C. in 2008.
  23. Official in All India Karate Federation in 2010.
  24. Achieved Go Dan-grade in 2010.
  25. Team Manager in 34th National Games Jharkhand in 2011.
  26. Vice President of all U.P. Karate Do-Organization.
  27. Chief Karate Instructor to U.P. Police and PAC.
  28. Worked as Fight Master in some Hindi, Bhojpuri and Haryanvi Films.

Awarded By:

1:-Sh.N.D.Tiwari (Ex. Chief Minister U.P.)

2:-Sh.Nityanand Swami (Ex. Chief Minister U.K.)

3:-Sh. Surjeet Singh Barnala (Ex. Chief Minister H.R.)