1. Academic Excellence Award : will be given to three top scorers from each class as well as from each section of the class. Absentees in any exam will not be eligible.
  2. 100% Attendance Award : will be given only to those students who are present on all working days of the session except the presence on the days of PTMs.
  3. Student of the Year Award : will be given to those students who are versatile and have made a remarkable achievement in a specific field or activity. One student from each class will be short listed for this award. this award.
  4. Out Standing Talent Award : Given to the student for out standing performance in the competitions held out of school.
  5. Out Standing Parent Award : Given to the pro-active parents who att4end all the PTMs, follow accounts rules & co-oparate in school matters.
  6. Well Done Keep It Up Award :Any child showing extra ordinary progress in academics or co- scholastic domain is eligible for this award.