students/parents Rules

The following rules must be strictly observed by students/parents; failing which they will forfeit the right to travel by the school bus :

  1. The school buses make two trips in the morning and two trips in the noon. Students are informed their respective routes, cab numbers, driver’s names and stops by the school transport incharge at the beginning of the academic session.
  2. The children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  3. As a precaution, the doors of the bus should be kept closed while the bus is moving. Students must not stand on the either of the foot boards, while the bus is in motion. Only front door of the bus is authorized for entrance & exit.
  4. No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it has made a complete stop.
  5. The drivers are authorized to stop the bus at the designated stop only, as directed by the school authorities. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters.
  6. Unauthorized persons and parents are not allowed to travel by the school buses
  7. Children will have to pay fine for any damage caused by them in the bus.
  8. Students are not allowed to eat tiffin, play or quarrel in the bus.
  9. Objects of any kind must not be discarded inside or thrown out of the bus.
  10. Students are required to maintain discipline inside the bus so that the driver’s attention must not be distracted. Always remember that sometimes a small mischief can result in a serious incident. The journey would be pleasant and safe if students act responsibly
  11. Any kind of indiscipline is not acceptable and the school can withdraw the bus facility in any such case.
  12. Children who all are availing transport facility, must pay the transport fee along with the tuition fee, every month. However if the transport facility is to be withdrawn in some critical situations in between the session, one month prior notice should be given or one month charges in lieu of notice should be paid.
  13. Parents are requested to see that the children are escorted to and from the bus.
  14. Students who are boarding the bus must form a queue and move in an orderly manner. Pushing and quarreling in the bus is strictly forbidden.
  15. Children and escorts should be at the bus stop five minutes before the expected arrival time of the bus/cab. School cab will not wait any longer. Suppose the cab waits stops for 2-3 minutes for each child, the cab will get late to reach the school which will disrupt the school functioning.
  16. Students must board the bus only from the stops specified by the school. They are not allowed to request/force the bus driver to stop at other places or to increase the number of stops for their own convenience.
  17. The school does not entertain any request for change in bus routes to suit an individual’s convenience. Students- picking and dropping stop will be decided and given by the school. Parents are requested not to put forward any request to change it as it will be difficult for us to satisfy each parent individually.
  18. Change of bus stop for a day or a week is not entertained. As a rule, such request should not be made.
  19. The seating capacity of the bus must be fully utilized. Students should not stand if seats are vacant and bags should be kept either on the floor or in the space provided overhead.
  20. If some unexpected holiday is declared, school cab will not be sent for picking the students.
  21. Students are advised not to lean out from window or wave their hands outside in the moving cab. It may cause some serious injury. Parents are requested to guide their wards for the same.
  22. Parents are requested to register their complaints regarding, academic, non-academic, transport issues directly to concern faculty, front desk and transport incharge respectively on the contact no. 9690007093, 94, 95, instead of approaching drivers. If any complain comes through cab drivers, it will not be entertained.
  23. In case of emergency, parents may take their ward personally from the school with the permission of the Principal. It will be appreciated if such information is sent to the school in advance. In case, parents send someone to pickup the student from the school; they should make a call to the school as well as send an authority letter for the same. If some parent wants to pickup his/her ward on the way from the school cab, he/she must inform the school by making a call as well as sending a request letter. These precautions will definitely avoid unforeseen problems in terms of security of your child.


The transport facility is available for students and staff on all major routes.

Students can avail the school transport arrangements subject to the availability of seats.