What Students Say

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The building of my school is very large and beautiful. There is good transport facility for students as well as for teachers. My school is surrounded by lush green trees which make it beautiful. There are about 60 teachers in my school. Our Principal Sir Mr. D. K. Dhiman has a great personality. He notices our day to day mistakes and notes them in his personal diary. We are trying to overcome those mistakes. The teachers of my school are very intelligent, co-operative, loving and hardworking. I like my school very much and feel proud to be a student of this school.

Vidhi Tyagi- IV SKY

The name of my school is Maples Academy. It is housed in a three stroyed spacious building. It has about fifty large, airy and well-ventilated rooms. Our school also consists of a big library which has many books and caters all the needs of the students. We have a large and green play ground. Students play there all types of games. The teachers of my school are highly educated. Our Principal Mr. D. K. Dhiman is a very loving and kind person. He tells us many good moral stories during morning assembly. Really my school is one of the best schools in the vicinity.

Prabhjot Singh- IV SKY

Our school Maples Academy is the best school in the town. Many extra curricular activities are organised in my school like- Dance, Gymnastics, Karate, Shooting, Skating, Music and Art & Craft. Culturedactivities are also celebrated on all the important festivals and events of the year. We play many games such as Football, Cricket, Volleyball and Tennis. I am so happy and feel proud to study in Maples Academy.

Sneha- V SKY

I study in Maples Academy. It is located at Muzaffarnagar road, Deoband. My school has a play ground, a library and many useful labs- Chemistry lab, Physics Lab and Biology Lab. My school’s Principal is Mr. D. K. Dhiman. He is very intelligent and talented person. He delivers very good speeches. The teachers of my school are highly educated and intelligent. The class rooms in my school are airy and cleaned. Every class has three boards. There is an important rule in my school. It is ‘Meet and Greet, Behave Gently and Speak in English’. My school also consists of a beautiful computer lab with approx 35 computers. My school is very big and most beautiful. I like my school very much.

Kajal Pundir- V SUN

All of us have been to schools. I would like to tell a few things about my school- Maples Academy. We start our day with a special morning assembly. Besides 9 periods, we have 2 breaks also. Apart from the regular classes, we also have other activities in the school such as games and sports and other extra curricular activities. On every festival, we have Inter Class and Inter House Competitions based on the theme. Our school imparts us great values not only for academics but also for every other aspect of life. Our school’s motive is to make the students more responsible and creative thinker. I love my school very much.

Manas- V SKY

School is regarded as the temple of knowledge where we learn how to live our social life my school- Maples Academy was established in 2011. The atmosphere in my school is very pleasant and environment is very clean and attractive. There is a large green laws. My school is three stroyed building, having nursery to 12th class. My school has good, qualified and experienced teachers who teach us in very effective and creative manner. This school has given me very good friends. I love my school very much.

Radhika- IV SUN

In Maples Academy everything goes by rule. It is the place where we find love and affection where every work is accomplished with perfection. Teachers help us in every field. The credit goes to them for all that we yield. Students are always led in the right way. We are always prevented from doing anything wrong. We are healthy, young and strong and we owe it to our school. I always pray for its prosperity and well-being.

Nihar Ror- IV SUN

I study in Maples Academy. It is a very large school. It has a very beautiful building. There are many large, airy and well- lit rooms. We also have a big play ground. We start the day with morning assembly. All teachers are very nice and hard working in our school. Our school’s Principal Mr. D. K. Dhiman is running the school honestly and gracefully. We achieve the best education in our school. I like and love my school because it is the top most school in Deoband.

Mariya Falak- II SUN

My school is the best place in my life. My teachers are very kind to me; my school arranges many entertaining programmes for us every month. I have a lot of friends in my school. My school has a big play ground. I play with my friends in it. I like the prayer assembly in my school. I like my school very much.

Avisha- II SUN

Schools are the temple of knowledge and creativity, with sensational time of fun, joy and happiness. Maples Academy is an institution of knowledge, wisdom and truth. The best part of Maples Academy is the enthusiasm among the students. The management is well educated and good explainer as well. Teachers are the guides who give proper guideline to the students. Physical education is the best part that students enjoy. There is first spark team which assists students to be physically fit. The infrastructure of the school is well- equipped. There are various labs and activity areas which make students gain knowledge practically. Class rooms of this academy are equipped with digital system which makes up child prepared to compete modernization. Really, it is the best school where our search ends.

Nandini Sharma- VI SKY

My school, Maples Academy has a very grand structured building. It is one of the best schools of the town. It is located at a very peaceful place without pollution, noise and dust. The school’s building has three staircases at both the ends. It has a well equipped and a big library, science labs and one computer lab. My school has a small garden, full of flowers which enhance the beauty of entire school campus. Our teachers teach us everything practically. Students take part in various activities and competitions. Our Principal Sir addresses the morning assembly daily. He focuses with our character formation. Really, I am proud to be a part of this school.

Khushi Garg- VII SUN

My school’s name is Maples Academy. It is regarded a famous school of Deoband. It focuses mainly on quality education, games and other activities. Our teachers are very intelligent and hard- working. Our Principal Sir is much disciplined person. He reacts softly with the students. Out school gives scholarship to meritorious students every year and all toppers are appreciated every year. I am proud of my school.

Vrinda Garg- VII SKY

My school- Maples Academy is located in the vicinity of Deoband at Muzaffarnagar-Deoband road. My school is like a temple where we go daily to study. My school has very strict discipline which we need to follow on regular basis. My school has a small green garden near the reception. It has lots of facilities, such as one computer lab, three science labs, one big library, one big playground and one large stage. There are specially designed dance, music and indoor activity rooms. The class rooms are spacious and well-ventilated. The lush green campus provides a pollution free environment with beautiful landscape. The motto of the school is to educate and shape students into energetic and broad minded citizens and prepare them to face the challenges and tackle twisted situation of life.

Anjali- VIII SUN

My school is one of the best schools in the city. The teachers of our school are highly educated and friendly by nature. They solve all our problems. To enhance our knowledge, every month Inter Class and Inter House Competitions are arranged. Our Principal Mr. D.K Dhiman is very able and kind person. He tells us many inspiring stories about life during morning assembly. I like my school very much.

Kranika- VIII SKY

My school- Maples Academy with all modern facilities provides world class education and learning environment. In my school water providing system is so good. All washrooms are so clean. We are provided moral values. The teachers of our school are so good and friendly. They understand our problems. We get moral values from our Principal sir. My school is the best school in the world.

Radhika Vats- VIII SKY

Discipline is the most important thing that a school should have. The very good example of discipline is there in the students of our school- Maples Academy. Discipline is maintained at each area of the school. Punctuality is also an important part for a student of my school.

Somya Gupta- X SKY

Our school’s infrastructure is very good. All labs are available and properly maintained facilities are very good and always solve the problems of the students. Discipline is properly maintained by students as well as teachers. Various cultural activities are organised in the school. Many other extra curricular activities are arranged such as shooting, dancing, music, skating and gymnastics. Here assembly is well organised and all the important information is imparted to the students.

Yuvraj- XII SUN

The campus of our school is green and pollution free. All class rooms are full of modern facilities with smart boards and comfortable furniture for the students. Many activities are held on Saturday. Our Principal Sir is very kind and good person. I am proud to be a student of Maples Academy.

Humdan- IX AIR

School is like a temple which brings about a light of education and moral values in every child. The educational system and discipline and loving attitude of the teachers makes it special and different from other schools. The management of our school also provides the best facility to the children for the proper and accurate knowledge. It also appreciates the talented and meritorious students. Timely assistance is provided to the students by teachers and counselors. Our school has been awarded and appreciated for its tremendous efforts for educational purposes.

Riya Agawral- XI SKY

I am really happy that I am a part of Maples Academy. The best part of this school is discipline Digital classes help the students to learn and understand the topics easily. My school takes care of education as well as sports. This helps the students for their physical development. Personal development classes are held on every Saturday. There is a proper drinking water facility as well I am really proud of my school.

Pratham Jain- XI SUN

The procedure of education in our school is very good. The school provides are type of facilities to the students. Our school has a large playground. Proper game periods are arranged for different classes. In our school transport facilities is very good. Buses and cabs, ply on all existing routes for students. Discipline is also a part of education in my school. Special security is provided to the students from school side. During all P.T.Ms. bus facility is provided to the parents also I like my school very much.

Praduman- IX SKY

The name of my school is Maples Academy. It is an ideal school. The atmosphere in this school is very peaceful and quiet. There is green landscape all around. Its building is large and airy and is equipped with all facilities. There are facilities of providing excellent proper education, games and sports and other activities. Pure drinking water facility is also there in my school. All washrooms are clean with modern world class sanitation. The facility of computer education is also a special feature of the school. The principal of the school is very disciplined. Under his guidance, the school is on the path of progress. All students have respect and love towards the Principal and teachers. I like my school very much.

Radhika Tayal- IV SUN

My school’s name is Maples Academy. My school is regarded an ideal school in the entire district. It is built at on open space. Its building is very large, neat and beautiful. Plants, trees and flowers increase its beauty and loveliness. There is an open field at the back side when games and sports and other exercises are conducted. There is a large library in the school for the recreation and increasing knowledge of the students. The teachers in my school are highly educated and they love all the students. The result of the school is always excellent. Our Principal Sir is a gentleman.

Srishti- V SUN