Middle (VI – VIII)

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In nursery and prep classes we emphasise on play-way and activity based teaching. Children are assessed on the basis of daily class performance and worksheets to be solved after a topic is over. Further children are graded on the basis of two worksheets given twice a year. Report cards are given to the parents twice in a session. Teacher remains in regular contact with the parent to discuss the child’s performance.

Children are assessed on the basis of following:

1. Languages Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills.
2. Calculations Counting, Number Value, Work Presentation & Activity.
3. World Around General awareness, Activity Independence from adults, Confidence, Care of belongings, Neatness, Sharing & Caring, Initiative, Self-control.
4. Curriculum Interests Drawing & Colouring, Collage, Tearing & Pasting, Singing, Dancing, Rhymes and Stories, Games.

Grading Pattern for the Assignment

Grade Range of Marks
A* 23-25
A 22-20
B 19-15
C 14-9
D 8 And below